Solving Havana Syndrome and Biological Effects of RF Using the Hodgkin-Huxley Neuron Model


This work solves the scientific question of how radio and microwave energy could cause the various neurological symptoms of Havana Syndrome experienced by officials in Cuba, China and elsewhere, without the experience of a burning sensation on the skin's surface.

The results of this work is a paradigm shift in our understanding of the biological effects of sub-thermal RF energy. Scientists have been searching for the mechanism that results in sub-thermal effects on biology. This work has found this mechanism and also solved the mystery that is a threat to international security, Havana Syndrome.

Here the mechanism, scientifically unknown until now, is described that converts electromagnetic energy into neuron membrane voltage changes, thus affecting neurological signaling and causing the various symptoms of Havana Syndrome. It's found that sub-thermal temperature increases beneath 1 degree Celsius, that causes the microwave hearing effect, also has a direct effect on neural signaling.

It's also found that biological neural networks significantly amplify the effects of the received electromagnetic energy, resulting in large-scale disruption of neurological patterns.

Thus, this work solves the mystery of how sub-thermal, electromagnetically induced temperature changes affects neurological signaling, defining the mechanism that converts electromagnetic energy into various neurological effects, the cause of all the stated symptoms of Havana Syndrome.

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